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Scientists Reveal What The Perfect Penis Looks Like

By Farah Lindstrom
Posted on 22 Jul, 2015

AltThe perfect penis… we can all pretend like we’re not curious about what exactly the ‘perfect penis’ looks like, but we are. That’s why you’re here.

Scientists at the University of Zurich decided to do some research about the ‘perfect penis’ and thought, who better to ask than the people who have to deal with them. Women.

According to the study, “general cosmetic appearance” is the most important penile aspect when it comes to what women value down there. What that means? Well, it means they want it to look neat and tidy.

In second place is the appearance of penile skin, followed by the shape of glans, appearance of the scrotum and pubic hair. Apparently they like pubic hair neatly arranged, trimmed, but not gone altogether. And the less foreskin, the better.

Contrary to the cliché that length is the most important, length only took the sixth spot.

With regards to girth, the study showed that it ranked third in importance, but when it came to appearance, ranked seventh.

The least important facet of the phallus, say the scientists, is the “position and shape of meatus”, the vertical slit at the opening of the urethra.

The study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, was part of a larger project that focused on men with surgically corrected hypospadias, a disorder where a man's urethral opening is not in the normal position at the top of the penis. Researchers were keen to know what penile aspects were important to women, and whether they thought men who had undergone this correction to have normal looking penises.

The study, which involved 105 women aged 16-45, was split into two parts. They were asked to rank the importance of eight penile aspects, once before being shown images of male penises, and another time after they had seen the images. Interestingly enough, they changed their rankings after seeing the pictures.

Female rankings of importance BEFORE viewing images:
1. General cosmetic appearance
2. Appearance of pubic hair
3. Penile girth
4. Penile skin
5. Shape of glans
6. Penile length
7. Appearance of scrotum
8. Position and shape of meatus

Female rankings of importance AFTER viewing images:
1. General cosmetic appearance
2. Penile skin
3. Shape of glans
4. Appearance of scrotum
5. Appearance of pubic hair
6. Penile length
7. Penile girth
8. Position and shape of meatus

Final Note

I'm sure many of you are disappointed that no images were included in this article. We'll let Google take charge of that.

One of the huge drawbacks of this study is probably the size of the research, so the results may not be the most accurate. But do let us know what your preferences are, and if they are in line with what the study has shown.

Which aspects of a man's penis is most important to you?
General cosmetic appearance
Appearance of pubic hair
Penile girth
Penile skin
Shape of glans
Penile length
Appearance of scrotum
Position and shape of meatus
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