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Why Coffee Makes You Poop

By Jeff Cattel
Posted on 03 Jan, 2018

It’s hard to knock coffee, given the many times a cup of joe has turned us from zombies into functional human beings. But downing a cup of coffee comes with some side effects, namely a few extra trips to the bathroom. And we’re not just talking about its effect on our bladder. For many, coffee also increases the need to poop. There are more than one thousand compounds in each cup that could be the culprit, but luckily our friends at the American Chemical Society break down all of the complex science in this video and explain exactly how coffee affects our digestive tract.

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This video was produced by Reactions. They have many other great videos. Do check them out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJ9oJ2GUF8Vmb-G63ldGWg

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