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The Over-Energetic Gym Nut

By Jeremy Chin
Posted on 01 Jun, 2015

They tail you throughout your workout, tacking on extra plates each time they get onto the weight machine you just used. Get on the treadmill and they'll soon be pounding away right next to you, like they are chasing down gazelle on foot. We are talking about the over-energetic gym nut. Here’s a hilarious video related to those sorts, featuring Damon Wayans and Terry Crews in an episode of My Wife and Kids.

In this clip, Terry demonstrates Euro Training to Damon. the most hardcore training regimen known to man. The style is defined by adding excessively explosive, though arguably not extraneous, movements to common exercises. In addition, the vocalization of the phrase "Euro Training", with a slight pause after each word between reps, is performed for optimal results.

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