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One Of The Greatest Moments In Soccer History

By Jeremy Chin
Posted on 07 May, 2015

The display of good sportsmanship does not just affect those on the field, but has a positive influence on everyone around. It is not about who finishes with the better number. Not about who ran faster, who jumped higher, who scored more points. Sports is about effort, and integrity, and finishing with your head held high no matter the number on the board.

Sportsmanship is grace under pressure, proof that one can be competitive without being combative. Sportsmanship is the line that separates the game from the person. It is the point at which respect supercedes results. Sportsmanship is a higher form of winning.

In 20 years, the spectators at this soccer match would probably not remember the score. But they will be telling their grandkids about the day they witnessed sporting greatness. They will speak of the football team, that in the name of fairplay, allowed a goal to be scored against them.

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