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How To Beat The Freshman 15!

Submitted by Kaylie Schneider
Posted on 15 Aug, 2016

How To Beat The Freshman 15While surveys have disproven the myth of the freshman fifteen, on average most freshman do gain around five pounds, so here are some tips on how to avoid that freshman five!


Bike Or Walk Around Campus
If you’ve brought a car with you for the first year, it may seem tempting to drive to class every day, but your wallet and waistline will thank you if you bike or walk. Instead of paying for gas and parking permits, invest in a bike that you can ride all year long. This way, even if you don’t have the time to go to the gym, you’re still getting some cardio in everyday and decreasing your carbon footprint at the same time.


Fill Up at the Salad Bar First
College dining commons can often have lots of unhealthy options that are definitely tempting. Before you go towards the pizza, fries, and ice cream, fill up with a big bowl with salad. This will help you get some more veggies in while leaving a bit less room for unhealthy food. Still enjoy your pizza, but in moderation with a big salad or plate of vegetables!


Stick With Taking One Plate At A Time
All too often, at the dining commons that allow you to take unlimited food, people start by grabbing two or three plates to begin with. It’s easy to overestimate your hunger, and be left with an extra plate of food but no room in your stomach. Start with one plate first, and if you’re still hungry grab a second one. Better to pace yourself than waste food or overeat because it’s there.


Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand
Many people picture the typical college student as an eater of cup of noodles, candy bars, chips, and energy drinks, but none of these are healthy habits. Take the time to stop by a store and pick up some fruit, pretzels, vegetables, and hummus for fast, healthy snacks. If you’re already on campus and starving, look for the healthier options like pretzels, fruit, or trail mix made of nuts and dried fruits.


Go Explore!
Your freshman year isn’t all about studying! Invest time studying smartly so you can go out with your friends later. Try going on hikes, walking around downtown, or going bowling. Exercise doesn’t have to happen in the gym. Find something that you love and it will never seem like a chore!

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