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Healthy Summertime Swaps

Submitted by Kaylie Schneider
Posted on 18 Jul, 2016

Healthy Summertime Swaps
Summer is the time for backyard barbeques and pool parties, but could these events be ruining your diet? Here’s some easy and tasty swaps to help keep you feeling great all summer long!

Hit up the veggie tray instead of the chips and dip
We all know that chips are addicting and it can be difficult to eat only a serving size, especially when served in large bowls alongside a dip.If you’re choosing to have some chips, put some on a plate and enjoy them instead of eating them out of the serving bowl.

Better yet, go find the veggie tray and load up on as many veggies as you’d like!


Try unsweetened iced tea instead of soda
This will not only save you some calories, but it will also ensure you’re not drinking grams of added sugar! To spice up the iced tea, try infusing it with fresh fruit like strawberries and citrus the night before and serve it ice cold. Coconut water is another refreshing option full of electrolytes for those hot days!


Beware of ‘salads”
Many of the traditional salads served at barbeques such as potato and pasta salads are loaded with mayonnaise while not containing many, if any veggies.Look for corn on the cob, vegetable skewers, or baked beans instead for your sides.

Another option is making these salads yourself and making some healthy swaps. Try using greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, whole wheat noodles instead of regular, a keeping the skins on the potatoes.


Go bunless or try whole wheat buns!
Hamburgers and hotdogs are a staple at most barbeques, usually accompanied with a bun full of refined flour. Swap out that white bun for a whole wheat version or even try going bunless! Wrap your burger in lettuce and enjoy!


Fruit for dessert
Instead of the traditional dessert, swap it out for fruit!Nothing is sweeter than juicy watermelon or fresh seasonal berries! You could also make fruit popsicles at home by blending your favorite fruit and fruit juice then freezing it in popsicle molds. Once completely frozen, enjoy!

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