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Most Surprising Unhealthy Foods

By Eva Jean
Posted on 28 Dec, 2014

Most Surprising Unhealthy Food

Some foods are not as healthy as we perceive them to be. This is a list of what they are. But before we proceed further, the goal of this article is not to get you to eliminate these foods from your diet entirely, but to just be aware of what they contain, and what their long term effects could be.

1.Granola Bars

Granola BarsGranola bars have been marketed as exceptionally healthy when in fact they often are the opposite. Most contain huge amounts of high fructose corn syrup, and while some may claim to use honey or maple syrup, the ingredient label will reveal that most of the sweetening is derived from high fructose corn syrup. Many granola bar brands are also packed with fat, trans fats and sodium.


2.Frozen Yogurt

yogurtSome kinds of yogurt are really good for us, but most of what’s on the shelves these days don’t bring the health benefits we expect from it. A lot of the yogurt today is heat-processed, killing the beneficial bacteria they’ve been selling us on. And, to make the yogurt taste good, most brands use high fructose corn syrup. The light version of yogurt could perhaps be worse as they tend to have artificial sweeteners.

3.Veggie Burgers

Veggie BurgersTo give veggie burgers the texture of a meat burger, many companies load their patties up with fillers like gluten, soy and corn starch, which give you lots of calories without the nutrition.

4.Sports Drinks

Sports DrinksMost sports drinks have about 125 calories, mostly from the sweeteners used for flavor. Unless you’ve just run a marathon or are a professional athlete recovering from a game, you'll probably not need sugar and electrolyte replenishment. Oftentimes, water will do.

5.Diet Soda

diet sodaTo minimise the number of calories in diet drinks, artificial sweeteners like aspartame are used in place of high fructose corn syrup. These can increase you risk of heart disease and diabetes.

6. Trail Mix

Trail MixTrail mix started off on the right foot with healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruit. And then they started to dip ‘em in sugar, coat ‘em in salt, and sprinkle in some chocolate chips and M&Ms.

7. Couscous

couscousPopular among vegetarians, couscous is actually made from refined wheat that has been stripped of its mineral and vitamin-rich bran and germ. Besides lacking essential nutrients, refined wheat is not easily digestible.

8. "Fat-Free" Packaged Food

Fat free packaged foodVery often, food that have the label “Fat-Free” on them are full of chemical ingredients and unhealthy sugar substitutes. Also, you will find that most of these have as many calories as their full-fat equivalents.

9.Baked Potatoes

Baked PotatoCheck this out. Potatoes have a extremely high glycemic index, even higher than sugar. And they don’t have much nutritional content.

10. Energy Bars

Energy BarsMost energy bars are remarkably high in sugar and calories, and while they may do what is advertised, they are not good for your long term health. Before you have your ext energy bar, take a look at the ingredient label. If you don’t understand half of what’s on there, chances are, it’s not good for you..

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